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A look back, a thought ahead

Spent part of the day speculating on the augmented form of one of the dragons for Drakkencaste.  I think I managed to settle on something suitable although it may need a few tweaks still when time comes to exchange the picture for its equivalent thousand words.

Also, after porting all of the previous version of the story into the current workbook, I’ve since gone through and reviewed and summarized the events in order based on the original chapters.  In doing so, I’ve come to some important realizations.  First and foremost, the story sort of meanders about until the Battle of Highguard and then it sort of races headlong towards an end so pacing is definitely going to need to be addressed.  Next, death was treated too casually.  Even significant wounds barely managed to slow things down for very long, so as far as the rewrite goes, death is going to need to be given the respect it deserves — that is to say, someone, or lots of someones, needs to die.

More thoughts tomorrow…

A little thing called progress… very little progress…

Aside from most of the day being taken up by naps to overcome my chronic lack of sleep during the week, I did manage to accomplish some work on Drakkencaste today.  I ported over version 1.2 of the original story and broke it down into the distinct chapters so that I can begin breaking it apart into scenes.  I managed to create a photo manipulated image of another of the characters — Emise — although she really only has a minor role near the start of the book so far.  I also managed to start work on an updated map of the area taking into account the original political structure of the region prior to the events proceeding the story.  This also required me to begin plotting out how it is that the war against the dragons actually started and this has lead me to consider adding another antagonist element into the tale.

Hopefully I’ll have more accomplished tomorrow.  🙂

And hope springs eternal…

Honestly, I didn’t get through much of anything last night.  By the time I got home from having dinner out with friends, I had sufficient cerebral dedication to play test a game currently in beta development before promptly falling asleep in my chair at the computer.

Tonight, the goal is simple:  to work on my novel, Drakkencaste.  My friend and I had been brainstorming the possibility of including another character but I need to sit down and chart out exactly how many characters are currently involved because the story is turning out to be potentially larger than it was originally.  Aside from trying to iron out the cast of characters, I am going to portion out the original storyline into its component scenes so that we can see which ones still work and which ones need a complete overhaul.

The Exhaustion of Procrastination

Today has been a big upheaval day.  I finally decided to take down my forum at long last — after all, what’s the point of a forum when no one is posting on it?  In exchange, I’ve reinvested in my blog.  I’m currently looking at converting one of my galleries and importing it here instead so that there is a unified feel for everything I’m working on.

So, then, to the purpose of this blog:  I will be using this as a tool to break my procrastination and hopefully track my ongoing creative efforts, be they literary or artistic or, heaven forbid, multimedia.  Since my newly minted Twitter presence doesn’t exactly allow for expansive monologues, I’ll use that as a subtle knife to remind anyone following me where my updates are being posted.

If you’re here, welcome.  This is the start of something new.  What, exactly, I don’t know, but you’ll be able to say you were there at the start.  Likely at my sanity hearing.