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Independence from Procrastination

As much as I would like to say I was extremely productive this past holiday weekend, I’ll suffice it to say that I didn’t completely procrastinate.  While the 4th was the obligatory day for rest and relaxation, I spent much of Saturday preparing graphics and show notes for our guild’s weekly livestream.  Sunday morning, I participated in the livestream, discussing the segments that I had previously prepared and later went on to monitor the chatroom while  the other members of the guild continued on with their portions of the stream.

Later, when I went back to review the broadcast to see how well it turned out — convinced as I was that it was, to date, one of our best performances yet — I discovered a certain significant fault in myself.  I say “uh” way too much.  There were some sentences where I “uh’d” may way through three or four times.  This wouldn’t disturb me if I had been improvising the discussion on the fly but this was something I had written a virtual script for.  It’s funny — some people are assigned profanity jars to collect money when they say bad words… I’ll have an “uh” jar.  Or better yet, we can turn it into a drinking game… everyone will be completely sloshed by the end of the broadcast.  🙂

That particular bit of embarassing self-realization aside, I did work some more on one of my novel projects — the rewrite of Scribe.  Previously, I had expanded on the culture and caste system, updated two of the main characters (including photo manipulations to have a reasonable idea of what they might look like).  I’m currently in the midst of designing the capital city itself — no small task since I’ve never attempted to create an actual fantasy city map before, let alone combine topographical and iconographic elements together in the same map.  After working on that for a few hours, I decided to work on the photo manipulation of a third main character, Anksarta — and although I’m not 100% satisfied with the current results, I think they’re more than sufficient to move forward in the meantime.

MMO Streaming

I’ve recently joined a new guild on Rift MMO named Reforged and they are known for their podcast on QGN (Quest Gaming Network) entitled “Rift Off the Record”.  Although the podcast recently announced it was coming to an end, the guild does periodic streamcasts and I’ve had the joy of participating in two of them thus far, so I figure I’d announce the links to the streams and feature them as another project that I’m happily engaged in.  You’ll find us on Twitch at: