Threshold: Not just for players anymore!

poster-1I have decided to try a great experiment. The players and I have great fun playing our bi-weekly RPG, Threshold, but I wondered if there might be a way to engage the viewers more than chat, and I believe I have the solution!

Beginning with this upcoming session, “Episode III”, non-players will be able to bid on certain NPC factions in order to influence their actions during the game. This will, of course, cast currency traditionally earned from watching my streams but as I don’t stream as frequently as I once did, that obviously limits the earning potential of anyone who might want to participate.

So, I will be speaking to each of my players who have stream channels of their own and asking them to allow their viewers to exchange currency from their channels to currency in mine.

Here is a potential example of the “influence” of which I speak:
Bidding to purchase temporary control of the Necromongers will allow you to designate which planet/sector they next attack. Options will be gated by the amount bid; so if you bid at all, there might be 5 options available; bidding, for example, at least 100 would allow you to designate 2 targets from the previous group or open up 2 additional single targets, etc.

Unfortunately, the chat bot does not fully support so only Twitch users will be able to participate at this time.

To exchange points from VaiBeatFoo’s channel, tweet: “@VaiBeatFoo @SteelPhoenixTV <your Twitch name> <amount you want to transfer>”
To exchange points from JonSlice’s channel, tweet: “@JonSlice @SteelPhoenixTV <your Twitch name> <amount you want to transfer>”

Once I’ve ironed more of the details with the players, I’ll make sure to let the rest of you know! 🙂

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