Reflection on the Divinities

Mind you, when I speak of Divinities, I’m speaking of a pantheon of fictional gods that I created to be the cosmological backdrop to several of my game and story worlds… a group known as the Al Khaem.  I have had some incarnation of these characters in my head since I was 13 — so if these were my children, they’d be over 30 years old by now.  And over the years, they’ve gone through a multitude of incarnations, but none, I think, more expansive than their current design.

I’ve been struggling with imagery for the gods to properly capture their current state of being and, after mucking around with some photo manipulation, I’ve managed to produce images befitting the first — and eldest — of the Al Khaem.

Branan, the Bound Lord Enkarri, the Trickster


The first is Branan, formerly the Overlord of the Elements and Ruler of the Al Khaem, but now and forever known as the Bound Lord, forbidden to ever take direct action against the world as we know it — a past time he was quite adept at in his prior existence — as a result of losing a bet against Enkarri, the Trickster Goddess, formerly the Goddess of Light.   Now, no longer under Branan’s imperious rule , unwilling to pick up the mantle in his stead, and tired of the burdens of her immortal existence and the sacrifices she has been forced to make, Enkarri has become a rogue element among the gods with an agenda wholly her own.

Truth be told, while I’d had Branan’s developments laid out for quite some time, a lot of Enkarri’s story developed as I worked on these images and this has, in turn, lead to unforeseen consequences for the rest of the Al Khaem that I will need to explore.

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