Last Week on Steel Phoenix TV

In my ongoing effort to keep everyone abreast of all the latest going down here at Steel Phoenix TV, I’m please to announce that my new monitor stand has arrived and I’ve been able to arrange my widescreen monitors vertically in order to save on the ever decreasing horizontal desk space.  One of these days, I’ll need to break down and actually buy a whole new desk, but the new configuration should suffice to allow me to be able to monitor chat and my broadcasting software without hiding them behind my play-screen.

That aside, here’s the latest available for viewing on Youtube:

As with last week, special shout outs to our 23 subscribers and 1308 viewers on Youtube and 60 followers and 981 viewers on Twitch.  I will be continuing with my early access play through of Knights of the Fallen Empire for the next few nights.  And don’t forget to catch our Halloween Dress-Up Edition of Geekamole this Saturday at 1pm Pacific.  🙂

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