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To say that I’ve played a lot of MMOs in my day would be an understatement.  The number is so significant at this point that when I sought to list them all last night in a conversation with a fellow streamer, I kept forgetting some of them.  So, for the sake of my own failing memory and to make a point, here is the list:

  • City of Heroes/City of Villains (CoX) [now closed]
  • Champions Online (CO)
  • DC Universe Online (DCUO)
  • Lineage 2
  • Everquest 2 (EQ2)
  • Age of Conan (AoC)
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn
  • Prius Online: Anima Redux  [now closed]
  • Allods
  • Skyforge (currently closed beta)
  • WildStar
  • Aion
  • Rift
  • Ragnarok Online (iRO)
  • World of Warcraft (WoW)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)
  • Trove

To that end, I believe it’s time to put my years of MMO experience to use by producing formal reviews. So, beginning in a few weeks, when I resume streaming on Monday nights, I will focus on one MMO for each of four weeks, spending no less than 12 hours experiencing (or re-experiencing) the game so that I can grade it based on the various categories I have previously mentioned in this blog.  Once done, I will edit the review down into something readily digestable and post it to my Youtube channel.

Now here’s where you come in.  What MMO(s) do you recommend that I start with?  Please post your suggestions in the comments section below!  And don’t forget to watch me on !

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