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After finally resolving the ever changing ambiguity of one character in the latest of the never ending series of projects that strike my fancy, I decided to turn my attention to his potential travel companion.  As before, I struggled to find a satisfying background for her as I worried that she may have too much in common, at first glance, with my currently planned antagonist as well as the heroine of another novel project that I currently have on the back burner.

Fortunately, her character design resolved far more easily than her predecessor.  Now, my struggle lies with getting my rendering program to come up with a suitable design for her initial clothing… well, that and trying to come up with a decent name that appropriately embodies her strength.  I had considered the first name of Eislyn or Aislyn (pronounced AI-lihn) but I worry that, given the male lead’s name is Bowen, there would be too much of a phonetic similarity, in addition to the potential contiguity between their first initials.

What I have decided is that she is a sister of the faith, seeking some peace after years of violence as a guard.  She ends up being forced to come out of her self-imposed retirement in order to serve as a Charger — someone the faith assigns to oversee criminals who, rather than face incarceration, are sent into the field and abroad in order to fulfill obligations and redeem themselves in the eyes of the priesthood.

Below, I’ve included the updated character bio for Bowen as well as the current design for his companion in her adventuring attire.

bowen_stats femalelead

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