Stat Software Infusion

This past week I found myself in the unenviable position of purchasing licenses for two new pieces of software for the studio in the hopes that they are indicative of where things are heading in terms of production efforts:  Adobe Premiere CC and Toon Boom Studio.

Because of my podcast/vodcast work with my MMO guild, I’ve already begun experimenting with Premiere, including an impromptu 30 second “dance video” using one of my Daz Studio figures.  Thus far, I haven’t produced anything worthy of reposting here, so I’ve been tossing them up on Youtube for private consumption and comment.

That aside, in my perpetual effort to motivate myself to work on projects when all I’d rather do after a long day of work (at the job that actually keeps me fed and sheltered) is mete out some well deserved justice on the villainous subset of some pixelated fantasy world, I’ve come up with a new strategy.  I am simply going to give myself a weekly time quota in which to work on my various projects, rather than assign specific dates, times and tasks.  We’ll see if this fairs any better at slaying the procrastination beast.

Finally, inspired by the new software infusion, I’ve designed another side project that I’ll likely be using as my tutorial effort.   Here are the character designs in-progress.

Misery Character Design


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