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It’s a new year and, as traditional, it’s time for some resolutions.  I’ve only publicly announced my resolutions a few times in the past and, I’ll be brutally honest — I never live up to them.   Living alone means I ultimately answer to no one but myself and I’ve found that I’m far to lenient of a master at times.  😀

That said, I’m going to make another attempt and you can all be my witnesses/champions/taskmasters to see me through the year ahead.

First, on a personal note, I would like to lose 50lbs this year.  I realize it’s a cliche and everyone wants to lose weight at New Years, but I’m almost 44 and I work at a sedentary job with a fairly sedentary hobby and my diet isn’t the most nutritious in the world at the moment.  So to that end, I need to get off my lazy behind and actually make use of the treadmill and/or exercise bike that I bought last year.  My commitment is at least 30 minutes of exercise per day.

Second, I would like a dog.  I may even go so far as to seek financial contributions from the Twitch community to help with the costs of adoption… but I haven’t had a pet in my house since my hamster, Gizmo, passed away and she wasn’t exactly the kind of pet you could play with.  Plus, having a dog should help with my activity level.  Unfortunately, to make the dog happen, I need to fulfill my third resolution…

I need a backyard.  Yes, I technically have one, but it is currently filled to the overflowing with my neighbor’s out of control blackberry bush as well as the stumps from all the cherry trees I had cut down when I first bought the house.  That means that come tax return time, I need to hire a landscaper in order to clear out the backyard completely, lay down some sod and replace the back fence.  Then I’ll finally have a place for  a dog to run around when I’m at work.

Now, on to the hobby.  I realize that I have been somewhat neglectful of the community on Twitch and Youtube.  Never fear in that Geekamole will be making its 2016 premier in few weeks once we’re all back from winter break at which point we should be back to our normal Saturday afternoon broadcast schedule.  Beyond that, however, I would like to resume my let’s-play schedule on Twitch.  Over the past several months — and most notably over the Christmas holiday — I have picked up a ton of video games just screaming out to be played.  Since the vast majority of them are JRPGs, that seemed the most appropriate place to start in order to plan out a schedule… unfortunately, once I listed them all out, I realized what a daunting schedule I had:

My 2016 List of JRPGs

Admittedly, a couple of the games would be replays for me, but they’re replays of games I really enjoyed back in the day and it would be nice to see if the memory of nostalgia lives up to the reality.  This also leaves out a few other games I would like to play that don’t actually fit so neatly into the franchises above… Parasite Eve 1 and 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles X as well as replays of Legend of Dragoon and Wild Arms 2.  And this doesn’t even take into account any new games that might come out in 2016 (such as the remake of Final Fantasy VII).

As always, input and encouragement are more than welcome.

No Geekamole This Week

Unfortunately, schedules and illnesses have conspired to prevent us from having a new episode of Geekamole for this Saturday; as such, I will be rebroadcasting our recent interview with Lori and Corey Cole.

We should be back for our regularly scheduled episode on 11/21 for our final November broadcast  before taking a break for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Thank you, as always, to each of our fans and those who come out to watch us regularly — we are always disappointed when we miss out on opportunity to hang out with you and hope to see you very soon!

Last Week on Steel Phoenix TV

Last week was a little crazy around here thanks to one of our favorite holidays:  Halloween.  It even went so far as to inspire me — not altogether successfully mind you — to try my hand at a quick cooking show where I created mint white chocolate Frankenstein candies filled with chocolate fudge pudding.  I’ll have to do it again at some point with some better production value than simply sitting in my office while I mix things together — but as always, live and learn!

Here’s what you missed last week:

As always, thank you to our 24 subscribers and 1360 viewers on Youtube and our 60 followers and 1005 viewers on Twitch.TV.    Now let’s make like Bob Ross and go paint us some happy little trees.  🙂

Last Week on Steel Phoenix TV

In my ongoing effort to keep everyone abreast of all the latest going down here at Steel Phoenix TV, I’m please to announce that my new monitor stand has arrived and I’ve been able to arrange my widescreen monitors vertically in order to save on the ever decreasing horizontal desk space.  One of these days, I’ll need to break down and actually buy a whole new desk, but the new configuration should suffice to allow me to be able to monitor chat and my broadcasting software without hiding them behind my play-screen.

That aside, here’s the latest available for viewing on Youtube:

As with last week, special shout outs to our 23 subscribers and 1308 viewers on Youtube and 60 followers and 981 viewers on Twitch.  I will be continuing with my early access play through of Knights of the Fallen Empire for the next few nights.  And don’t forget to catch our Halloween Dress-Up Edition of Geekamole this Saturday at 1pm Pacific.  🙂

Last Week on Steel Phoenix TV

It has certainly been a busy week at Steel Phoenix TV — both on Youtube and on Twitch — so I figured this would be a good opportunity to summarize all our recent programming and what you might have missed!

I also wanted to take a moment to thank our 23 subscribers and 1248 viewers on Youtube and our 57 followers and 964 viewers on Twitch.  It’s thanks to your dedication that we continue to push forward and give everything that we can to entertain you.

Casting Towards the Future

With the recent re-launch of Steel Phoenix TV on Twitch and various plans in the works, I thought it might be an opportune moment to look ahead and what’s coming down the line.

First and foremost, we’ve been getting some excellent initial viewership and feedback on our new podcast/talk show “To Be Named Later”.  We recently completed our second (technically third) episode and it has been uploaded to Youtube.  I’m currently in the process of learning RSS feeds to see how the MP3 incarnation of the podcast can be set up for distribution via iTunes and/or Soundcloud.

MMOndays has begun with the most recent patch for Aion.  In two more weeks, I will be switching over to World of Warcraft to explore their newly released patch 6.2 and will begin scripting a formal review/recap for Aion to be posted to Youtube (rather than my previous habit of simply reuploading unedited gameplay footage directly from Twitch).

I am working with my friends at Tea Time Games on the possibility of a Minecraft server that may be made available to wither followers or Patreon contributors — which reminds me, I need to get to work on setting up a Patreon page at some point.  Speaking of Minecraft, however, I am looking at some sort of build-a-thon for the July 4th weekend.  It’s premature for me to announce anything officially until I’ve had the chance to set it all up but keep your eyes peeled.

Of, perhaps, greater significance to me is the end of August when, traditionally, I celebrate the anniversary of my studio.  This year, it will represent the conclusion of “season 1” and the start of “season 2” for all the shows; followed a few weeks later in September by TwitchCon.

Now, if only I could secure a bigger “staff” of contributors so that the channel could be on-air more than my limited schedule allows me to be live.  🙂

MMOndays on SteelPhoenixTV

To say that I’ve played a lot of MMOs in my day would be an understatement.  The number is so significant at this point that when I sought to list them all last night in a conversation with a fellow streamer, I kept forgetting some of them.  So, for the sake of my own failing memory and to make a point, here is the list:

  • City of Heroes/City of Villains (CoX) [now closed]
  • Champions Online (CO)
  • DC Universe Online (DCUO)
  • Lineage 2
  • Everquest 2 (EQ2)
  • Age of Conan (AoC)
  • Final Fantasy XI
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn
  • Prius Online: Anima Redux  [now closed]
  • Allods
  • Skyforge (currently closed beta)
  • WildStar
  • Aion
  • Rift
  • Ragnarok Online (iRO)
  • World of Warcraft (WoW)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR)
  • Trove

To that end, I believe it’s time to put my years of MMO experience to use by producing formal reviews. So, beginning in a few weeks, when I resume streaming on Monday nights, I will focus on one MMO for each of four weeks, spending no less than 12 hours experiencing (or re-experiencing) the game so that I can grade it based on the various categories I have previously mentioned in this blog.  Once done, I will edit the review down into something readily digestable and post it to my Youtube channel.

Now here’s where you come in.  What MMO(s) do you recommend that I start with?  Please post your suggestions in the comments section below!  And don’t forget to watch me on !

A Breaking of the Long Silence

I’ve been struggling for several months over what exactly to say here.  Truth be told, when I was actively streaming, I ended up saying more than I cared to and previous little I felt of substance.  Regardless, opening my mouth there kept me from opening my proverbial mouth here as I found myself out of topics that I cared to discuss.

That’s changed of late.  Realizing that perhaps active streaming is not my calling and, further, that it impeded me having the daily time necessary to tend after my own health needs and interests, I’ve decided to refocus my attention on Youtube and my older, original projects (that is to say, my art, novels and game design ambitions).  That isn’t to say I won’t stream at all — far from it.  I still rather enjoy my biweekly live role plays and I will still get the occasional urge to play some video game or other before a live digital audience.

Aside from that, I’ve recently learned that a site I use as a gallery has been acquired by another company that, frankly, annoys me.  Despite the assurances of the site’s operator, I do not trust my artwork in the hands of the new owners, and given my ownership of this particular website — something I’ve owned longer than that particular gallery has existed — I’ve decided to relocate and exclusively post my artwork here.  To that end, I hope that will inspire me to be a touch more vocal in this blog!  🙂  And now, for the latest:

no images were found

Substantive Evaluation

I have been finding it somewhat challenging to decide on what to post here in my blog versus what I broadcast in my now regularly scheduled vlogs.  As a result, I find I’ve been neglecting one in favor of the other.  To that end, I will do my best to use both to mutually support my efforts; and where one fails, I will lean on the other to take up the slack.

As such, one of the things I find myself challenged by is coming up with a reasonably objective method by which to rate the various MMOs that I have been playing and discussing in my weekly vlogs.  After significant consideration, I have come up with the following elements as key to a successful and thorough review that, when averaged out, will result in a fair rating system.

As such, I put these out there and welcome your input as I work on my first formal game review:

  • Gameplay
    • UI and Stability
    • Tutorial
    • Leveling/Training
    • In-Game Economy
      • Equipment
      • Trade
      • Crafting
    • Missions
      • (Instanced; Solo)
      • (Group Queue; Elite; Taskforce)
    • World Events
    • PvP/Duel/Arena
    • Endgame
    • Replayability
  • Immersion
    • Character Creation
    • Environment/World
    • Lore
    • Soundtrack
    • Voice Over and Dialogue
    • Cutscenes
    • Travel/Mounts
  • Community
    • Grouping
    • Guilding
    • Housing
    • Community Support (Channels; Forums)
    • Official Support (GMs)
  • Cost
    • Initial Purchase
    • Monthly Subscription
    • Cash Store/Microtransactions

I welcome your thoughts and input!