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The Good Work Continues…

The site redesign continues now that I’ve changed the formatting theme to something that I feel is a little more amenable to the current vision I have for the site. Unfortunately, now that the pretty, visual things are taken care of, the real grunt work begins with a little old item we like to call ‘content’. That, sadly, is taking a little longer to realize as I consolidate images from various galleries that I’ve had hidden for a few years, add a new tabbing layout to the various project pages and start building some public faces for what has, until now, have been very private projects.

Site Redesign and Project Update(s)

Just wanted to let everyone know that despite the lack of activity on this page that I had not gone away. In fact, I have been spending a great deal of time considering redesigns of this page so you may see a lot of things moving around, added, deleted and generally reshuffled as I work to find a new format that appeals to me.

In the meantime, I’ve managed to update a new model for the lead character of another project, Chains of Artemis, that you can find in the Gallery section.

Threshold: Not just for players anymore!

poster-1I have decided to try a great experiment. The players and I have great fun playing our bi-weekly RPG, Threshold, but I wondered if there might be a way to engage the viewers more than chat, and I believe I have the solution!

Beginning with this upcoming session, “Episode III”, non-players will be able to bid on certain NPC factions in order to influence their actions during the game. This will, of course, cast currency traditionally earned from watching my streams but as I don’t stream as frequently as I once did, that obviously limits the earning potential of anyone who might want to participate.

So, I will be speaking to each of my players who have stream channels of their own and asking them to allow their viewers to exchange currency from their channels to currency in mine.

Here is a potential example of the “influence” of which I speak:
Bidding to purchase temporary control of the Necromongers will allow you to designate which planet/sector they next attack. Options will be gated by the amount bid; so if you bid at all, there might be 5 options available; bidding, for example, at least 100 would allow you to designate 2 targets from the previous group or open up 2 additional single targets, etc.

Unfortunately, the chat bot does not fully support so only Twitch users will be able to participate at this time.

To exchange points from VaiBeatFoo’s channel, tweet: “@VaiBeatFoo @SteelPhoenixTV <your Twitch name> <amount you want to transfer>”
To exchange points from JonSlice’s channel, tweet: “@JonSlice @SteelPhoenixTV <your Twitch name> <amount you want to transfer>”

Once I’ve ironed more of the details with the players, I’ll make sure to let the rest of you know! 🙂

Boredom, the Executive Producer

All things considered, today has been unusually productive. Not only did I manage to renovate the website (although admittedly it was an accident at first… but I still had to spend time cleaning it up afterward). Then I began work on updating my old DeviantArt gallery which included finally coloring an image that I had sketched in pencil about three years ago. After that, I completed an updated concept image for a character in the project I am currently working on and continued with the process of reworking the plot line for the story behind the project. And to what do I owe this unbridled bit of productivity? As you can tell from the title of this post: Boredom. I’ve had no one to talk to most of the day and haven’t been in the mood to play any of the video games I’m currently engaged in, and I don’t plan on seeing Captain America: Civil War until Monday when I have the day off work. It used to be that when I got bored, I’d cut my hair. Having considerably less hair than I used to, I guess I have to channel it into other tasks these days. 🙂

Time for an Update

What can I say?  I’m all fancy-titled out.  😀

As many of you can probably tell, we’ve had a slight overhaul to the website, including the return of the journal to the front page and the addition of the social media links over on the left — along with the previously unmatched windows for Twitch and Youtube.

This has been a none-too-subtle effort to tidy up our virtual house in the wake of the start of our second season on Youtube as well as the upcoming trip to TwitchCon this weekend.

More to come in the days ahead so, as always, stay tuned!

This Month on Steel Phoenix TV

This Month on Steel Phoenix  TVAfter a successful launch of our brand new show “To Be Named Later”, I figured this would be a great opportunity to update my off-air calendar to show what is currently in the works for streaming in the coming weeks.

A Breaking of the Long Silence

I’ve been struggling for several months over what exactly to say here.  Truth be told, when I was actively streaming, I ended up saying more than I cared to and previous little I felt of substance.  Regardless, opening my mouth there kept me from opening my proverbial mouth here as I found myself out of topics that I cared to discuss.

That’s changed of late.  Realizing that perhaps active streaming is not my calling and, further, that it impeded me having the daily time necessary to tend after my own health needs and interests, I’ve decided to refocus my attention on Youtube and my older, original projects (that is to say, my art, novels and game design ambitions).  That isn’t to say I won’t stream at all — far from it.  I still rather enjoy my biweekly live role plays and I will still get the occasional urge to play some video game or other before a live digital audience.

Aside from that, I’ve recently learned that a site I use as a gallery has been acquired by another company that, frankly, annoys me.  Despite the assurances of the site’s operator, I do not trust my artwork in the hands of the new owners, and given my ownership of this particular website — something I’ve owned longer than that particular gallery has existed — I’ve decided to relocate and exclusively post my artwork here.  To that end, I hope that will inspire me to be a touch more vocal in this blog!  🙂  And now, for the latest:

no images were found

Stat Software Infusion

This past week I found myself in the unenviable position of purchasing licenses for two new pieces of software for the studio in the hopes that they are indicative of where things are heading in terms of production efforts:  Adobe Premiere CC and Toon Boom Studio.

Because of my podcast/vodcast work with my MMO guild, I’ve already begun experimenting with Premiere, including an impromptu 30 second “dance video” using one of my Daz Studio figures.  Thus far, I haven’t produced anything worthy of reposting here, so I’ve been tossing them up on Youtube for private consumption and comment.

That aside, in my perpetual effort to motivate myself to work on projects when all I’d rather do after a long day of work (at the job that actually keeps me fed and sheltered) is mete out some well deserved justice on the villainous subset of some pixelated fantasy world, I’ve come up with a new strategy.  I am simply going to give myself a weekly time quota in which to work on my various projects, rather than assign specific dates, times and tasks.  We’ll see if this fairs any better at slaying the procrastination beast.

Finally, inspired by the new software infusion, I’ve designed another side project that I’ll likely be using as my tutorial effort.   Here are the character designs in-progress.

Misery Character Design


Failures of the Professionalism Border Guard

At the risk of inconsistency of record, I have “removed” my previous journal in order to prevent what was a personal issue from becoming publicly disclosed out of respect for all involved.

My purpose in creating this blog was to track progress on my projects and to serve as a motivating factor to push ahead.  To that end, I have done my best not to dwell on items of a more personal or intimate level — that’s why I have a private Facebook account.  However, it occurs to me that my previous posting may have blurred the lines somewhat and was childish on my part.  For that, I apologize.

That said, I hope to have a more relevant update ready for you in the near future.

Transitioning Platforms and the Galleria Obscura

In an effort to finish consolidating my various galleries together into a single, neat location, I’ve finally finished relocating my Commissions & Trades gallery over to the blog engine.  Now I can begin demolition of the other two on-site galleries that hold the same materials.